(Mostly-complete) Parr Meeting Minutes

Fall 2011

2011/11/14A Unifi ed Probabilistic Model for Global and Local Unsupervised Feature SelectionLink
2011/10/24Tour the World: Building a Web-Scale Landmark Recognition EngineLink
2011/10/10ORB: an efficient alterative to SIFT or SURFNo link yet
2011/09/26Jointly Learning Data-Dependent Label and Locality-Preserving ProjectionsLink
2011/09/05Submodular meets spectral: Greedy algorithms for subset selection, sparse approximation and dictionary selectionLink

Spring 2011

2011/04/11Submodularity.org Video Tutorial #1Link
2011/03/28A Simpler Approach to Matrix CompletionLink
2011/03/14Large Margin Methods for Structured and Interdependent Output VariablesLink
2011/02/28Sample complexity of testing the manifold hypothesisLink

Fall 2010

2010/08/30Efficient Non-Parametric Surface Representations Using Active Sampling for Push Broom Laser DataLink
2010/09/06Synthetic Aperture Tracking: Tracking Through OcclusionsLinkVideos
2010/09/13Bregman iterative algorithms for L1-minimization with applications to compressed sensingLink
2010/09/27Local and Global Regressive Mapping for Manifold Learning with Out-of-Sample ExtrapolationLink
2010/10/11Efficient Simulation of Inextensible ClothLink
2010/10/25Action Respecting EmbeddingLink
 Subjective Localization with Action Respecting EmbeddingLink
2010/11/08Apprenticeship Learning for Helicopter ControlLinkVideos