Reading Group(s)

Fall 2015

3:00 PM on Fridays in LSRC D344

Rotation Order: Cam, Cassi, Ben, Hyunsoo, Swarna, Branka, Barrett, Ergys

October 23: Presentation on ROS (Barrett)

November 6: (Cam) Rosman, B., & Ramamoorthy, S. "What good are actions? Accelerating learning using learned action priors." IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL). 2012.

November 13: Cassi

November 20: Ben

November 27: No Meeting: Thanksgiving Break

December 4: Hyunsoo

December 11: No Meeting: Exam Period

Summer 2015

Meeting time: 1pm on Wednesdays at Twinnies

Meeting 1

Tracking/Video Analysis (proposer: Carlo, presenter: Ergys)

Z. Kalal, K. Mikolajczyk, J. Matas, Tracking-Learning-Detection, IEEE PAMI 34(7):1409-1422, 2012.

This is quickly becoming a classic in the field of tracking, and shows how to track objects long-term in video by a cooperating tracker (follow object from from frame to frame), detector (recognize the object in each frame), and learner (improves the detector online).

Motion Planning (proposer: Ben; presenter: Ben)

Nathan Ratliff, Matt Zucker1, J. Andrew Bagnell, Siddhartha Srinivasa, CHOMP: Gradient Optimization Techniques for Efficient Motion Planning ICRA 2009

A method of motion planning that allows a prior objective to be included. In their work, they use this to generate smooth trajectories (by including velocity and acceleration in this function).

Object Manipulation (proposer: Cassi; presenter: Cassi)

H. Hamer, J. Gall, T. Weise, L. Van Gool, An Object-Dependent Hand Pose Prior from Sparse Training Data CVPR 2010

This paper proposes a hand pose prior that exploits the direct relationship between a 3D object and the manipulating hand.

Meeting 2

Motion boundaries (Ergys) Learning to Detect Motion Boundaries. Philippe Weinzaepfel, Jerome Revaud, Zaid Harchaoui, Cordelia Schmid. CVPR 2015

Grasping (Ben) Using Geometry to Detect Grasps in 3D Point Clouds. Author names redacted. Will be updated in the future.

Meeting 3

Occlusions (Ergys) Causal Video Object Segmentation From Persistence of Occlusions. Brian Taylor, Vasiliy Karasev and Stefano Soatto. CVPR 2015 Project page

Hand Tracking (Cassi) Accurate, Robust and Flexible Real-time Hand Tracking. T. Sharp, C. Keskin, D. Robertson, J. Taylor, J. Shotton, D. Kim, C. Rhemann, I. Leichter, A. Vinnikov, Y. Wei, D. Freedman, P. Kohli, E. Krupka, A. Fitzgibbon, S. Izadi. Microsoft Research. CHI, April 2015. (Best of CHI Honorable Mention)

For further information see Project Webpage with Video and Project Details and Supplementary Material.

Meeting 4

Manipulation (Cassi) Objects in Action: An Approach for Combining Action Understanding and Object Perception. A. Gupta and L. S. Davis. CVPR 2007.

Grasping (Ben) Cloth Grasp Point Detection based on Multiple-View Geometric Cues with Application to Robotic Towel Folding. Jeremy Maitin-Shepard, Marco Cusumano-Towner, Jinna Lei and Pieter Abbeel. ICRA 2010

Meeting 5

Grasping (Ben) Robust Object Grasping using Force Compliant Motion Primitives. Moslem Kazemi, Jeab-Sebastien Valois, J. Andrew Bagnell, and Nancy Pollard. RSS 2012

Meeting 6

3D Reconstruction (Ergys) DynamicFusion: Reconstruction and Tracking of Non-rigid Scenes in Real-Time. Richard A. Newcombe, Dieter Fox and Steven M. Seitz. CVPR 2015 (Best Paper Award) Project Page and Video.

Scene Understanding (Cassi) Picture: A Probabilistic Programming Language for Scene Perception. Tejas Dattatraya Kulkarni, Pushmeet Kohli, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, and Vikash Kumar Mansinghka. CVPR 2015 (Best Paper Honorable Mention - Cognex) Extended Abstract (1 page). Project Page.

Meeting 7

Feature Learning (Ben) State Representation Learning in Robotics: Using Prior Knowledge about Physical Interaction. Rico Jonschkowski and Oliver Brock. RSS 2014

Reading Queue

Grasping: (proposer: Carlo, presenter:) The pair

C. Ferrari and J. Canny, Planning Optimal Grasps, IEEE ICRA, 2290-2295, 1992. Ch. Borst, M. Fischer, G. Hirzinger, Grasping the Dice by Dicing the Grasp, IEEE/RSJ 3692-3697, 2003.

The first is an old classic and the second is a newer twist (and lighter reading) on the problem of how to select a precision force-closure grasp optimally. In a precision grasp, only fingertips are in contact with the object. Force closure means that the forces and torque applied by the gripper are able to balance all external forces and torques acting on the object.

Matching Articulated Shapes: (proposer: Carlo, presenter:)

L. Muendermann, S. Corazza, T. P. Andriacchi, Accurately Measuring Human Movement Using Articulated ICP with Soft-Joint Constraints and a Repository of Articulated Models, CVPR, 1-6, 2007.

Includes a simple extension to Iterated Closest Point (ICP) for registering an articulated model to a set of 3D points.

Learning from Demonstration / Motion Planning (proposer: Ben; presenter:)

Mike Phillips, Victor Hwang, Sachin Chitta, Maxim Likhachev, Learning to Plan for Constrained Manipulation from Demonstrations RSS 2013

An approach leveraging demonstration to improve upon the poor behavior of sampling based motion planning when needing to sample along a small manifold (i.e. some narrow space).

Time: Thursday @ 1:00 PM.

Rotation Order: Cassi, Rolando, Alan, Ergys, Branka, Susanna

Spring 2013

2013/01/17Unbiased Look at Dataset Bias. CVPR 2011.Paper.

Fall 2012

2012/09/05Particle Video: Long-Range Motion Estimation Using Point Trajectories. IJCV 2008.Paper.
2012/09/12A Combined Pose, Object, and Feature Model for Action Understanding. CVPR 2012.Paper.
2012/09/19Real-time human pose tracking from range data.Preprint.
2012/09/26A Generalization of the ICP Algorithm for Articulated Bodies. BMVC 2008.Link.
2012/10/03KinectFusion: Real-Time Dense Surface Mapping and Tracking. ISMAR 2011.Link.
2012/10/10Shape analysis of local facial patches of 3D facial expression recognition.Link.
2012/10/17A Naturalistic Open Source Movie for Optical Flow Evaluation. ECCV 2012.Link to dataset.
2012/10/24Same as 10/17.
2012/10/31Mining Actionlet Ensemble for Action Recognition with Depth Cameras. CVPR 2012.Link.
2012/11/07Progressive Graph Matching: Making a Move of Graphs via Probabilistic Voting. CVPR 2012.Link.
2012/11/14Geodesic Flow Kernel for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation. CVPR 2012.Link.
2012/11/21Tracking Multiple People under Global Appearance Constraints. ICCV 2011.Link. Paper.
2012/11/28A Review of Computer Vision Techniques for the Analysis of Urban Traffic. Trans. Intel. Trans. Sys.Link.
2012/12/05Background Inpainting for Scenes with Dynamic Objects and a Free-moving Camera. ECCV 2012.Project page.

Spring 2012

2012/04/25Using Cloud Shadows to Infer Scene Structure and Camera Calibration. CVPR 2010.Paper, Oral from CVPR
2012/04/18Light Field Photography with a Hand-held Plenoptic Camera. Stanford Tech Report.Paper
2012/04/11Model-based 3D Tracking of an Articulated HandPaper
2012/04/04Structure from motion for scenes with large duplicate structures. CVPR 2011.Link
2012/03/28Are Spatial and Global Constraints Really Necessary for Segmentation? CVPR 2011.
2012/03/21Efficient Subwindow Search: A Branch and Bound Framework for Object Localization. PAMI 2009.
2012/03/14Learning a Kernel Matrix for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction. ICML 2004
2012/03/07''From 3D Scene Geometry to Human Workspace."
2012/01/25Tired Scene Labeling with Dynamic Programming. CVPR 2010.Link
2012/01/18Relative Attributes. ICCV 2011.Link

Fall 2011

2011/12/07DTAM: Dense Tracking and Mapping in Real-Time. ICCV 2011.Paper
2011/11/30Piecewise Planar City 3D Modeling from Street View Panoramic Sequences. CVPR 2009.Paper
2011/11/09Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs. SIGGRAPH Asia 2011.Link
2011/11/02Birdlets: Subordinate Categorization Using Volumetric Primitives and Pose-Normalized Appearance. ICCV 2011.Paper
2011/10/26Hyper-graph Matching via Reweighted Random Walks. CVPR 2011.Paper
2011/10/19Track to the Future: Spatio-temporal Video Segmentation with Long-range Motion Cues. CVPR 2011.Link
2011/10/12Ensemble of Exemplar-SVMs for Object Detection and BeyondLink
2011/10/05Parsing with Recursive Neural NetworksLink
2011/09/28The evolution of object categorization and the challenge of image abstractionPaper
2011/09/21P-N Learning: Bootstrapping Binary Classifiers from Unlabeled Data by Structural Constraints. CVPR2010Paper. Website
2011/09/14Recognition using Visual Phrases. CVPR11Paper Data
2011/09/06Real-Time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from a Single Depth Image. CVPR2011Paper Website
2011/08/31The Importance of Encoding Versus Training with Sparse Coding and Vector Quantization. ICML11Paper.

Spring 2011

2011/04/21Where computer vision needs help from computer science. SODA11Paper.
2011/04/14Multibody Structure-from-Motion in Practice. PAMI2010Paper.
2011/04/07Geometries on spaces of treelike shapes. ACCV2010Paper.
2011/03/31Nonchronological Video Synopsis and Indexing. PAMI2008Paper.
2011/03/24Efficient Piecewise Learning for Conditional Random Fields. CVPR2010Paper.
2011/03/17Super-Resolution from a Single Image. ICCV2009Paper.
2011/03/03Learning Active Basis Model for Object Detection and Recognition. IJCV2010Paper.
2011/02/17Discriminative models for multi-class object layout. ICCV2009Paper.
2011/02/10Unified Graph Matching in Euclidean Spaces. CVPR2010
2011/02/03Free-Shape Subwindow Search for Object Localization. CVPR2010Paper.
2011/01/27Spatiotemporal Closure. ACCV2010Paper.
2011/01/20 "Lattice Cut" - Constructing superpixels using layer constraints. CVPR2010DOI Link.

Fall 2010

2010/12/09Latent Hierarchical Structural Learning for Object Detection. CVPR2010Link.
2010/12/02RASL: Robust Alignment by Sparse and Low-rank Decomposition for Linearly Correlated Images. CVPR2010Paper, Website
2010/11/04Object Detection with Discriminatively Trained Part Based Models. PAMI2010Link.
2010/10/28Object Segmentation by Long Term Analysis of Point Trajectories. ECCV2010Link.
2010/10/21Supervised Dictionary Learning. NIPS2008Link.
2010/10/14Linear Spatial Pyramid Matching using Sparse Coding for Image Classification. CVPR2009Link.