2D Features for 3D Hand Tracking
C. Carley, and C. Tomasi

Enhanced Video Indirect Ophthalmoscopy via Robust Mosaicing
R. Estrada, C. Tomasi, M. Cabrera, D. Wallace, S. Freedman, S. Farsiu

Extended Pairwise Potentials
S. Gu, Y. Zheng and C. Tomasi

Ethical Solutions to Games
J. Letchford, V. Conitzer

ASL Recognition
S. Ricco, C. Tomasi

Redistribution Mechanisms
M. Guo, V. Conitzer

Unscented Kalman filter for brain machine interfaces
Z. Li, J. O`Doherty, T. Hanson, M. Lebedev, C. Henriquez, M. Nicolelis

Level-Set Curve Particles
T. Jiang, C. Tomasi

Least-Squares Policy Iteration
M. Lagoudakis, R. Parr

A. Eliazar, R.Parr

Tracking by Classification
M. Matthews, C. Tomasi

Registration with Outliers
J. Phillips, R. Liu, C. Tomasi