Location and Access

The lab is located in room 209 of the North Building. To access the room, you need to have your ID activated to work in the card readers. If you think you need or want access to the lab, contact one of the faculty in charge. While in the lab, follow these guidelines.


Vision Repository

We are building a repository of datasets and code for manipulating these datasets for use within the DRIV group.

Sign-Out List

If you check equipment out of the lab, ask Ron or Carlo first, to make sure nobody else is using it. Then add a bullet in the following style to the list below. Remove your bullet (but not the first sample below) when you return the equipment.

  • Carlo (x-6539) borrowed a Nikon D200 Camera with zoom lens and Manfrotto 405 tripod on 10/25/2007, to be returned on 10/27/2007.