DRIVE Meeting Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, DRIVE meetings take place on Monday at 3:00 pm in the LSRC building room D344.

Past semesters

Your coordinators are Barrett and Mark.

Click on the edit link (left side of page) to add your presentation or otherwise edit this schedule. If you do not know the wiki password, ask one of the DRIV coordinators listed above.

Suggested Speakers and Papers

Fall 2017

  • Oct 2: Organizational Meeting
  • Oct 9: Fall Break
  • Oct 16: Michael Albert
  • Oct 23: Barrett Ames
  • Oct 30: Barrett Ames
  • Nov 6: Andrew Kephart
  • Nov 13: Rupert Freeman
  • Nov 20: Adam Konneker
  • Nov 27:
  • Dec 4(Reading Period): Ergys Ristani
  • Dec 11 (Finals): Mark Nemecek

Previous Semesters