Ideas for the DRIV Wiki Logo

Please add your ideas for a logo to appear in the top left corner of our Wiki pages. Your idea could be in the form of an image, a sketch that you scanned in, or a description. Comments about the ideas are welcome as well.

  • OK, since there's nothing else here, I'll throw out some ideas.
  1. Duke CS logo (shield only) with iconic representations of an eye (profile view), a brain, and a Markov-like robot around it, "DRIV" underneath.
  2. This with shades of Duke blue replacing the red (probably a copyright violation): --Paint007 16:23, 6 September 2007 (EDT)
  • A variation on 1 above would be to take a binary picture of a brain and pixelate it in the same way as the Duke CS logo, and with the same two colors. May be hard to do so that the brain is recognizable. Any good artists out there?
  • I gave it a try. Ideally, I'd like the aspect ratio of the box to be w/h = 2/1, but MediaWiki requires a 135x135 image. The favicon (little icon to the left of the URL) also needs to be more readable. Please keep the ideas coming. -- Carlo
  • Ive come up with a variation of Carlo's idea of combining a brain and the CS logo. I am attaching it. If people could let me know what they think of it , and if they like it then what changes are needed that would be great! --Neeti
  • Sorry...I tried to upload it but it said there wasnt an upload directoty created. So Im linking it to my webpage and the link . Let me know all your suggestions! --Neeti

I'm adding Neeti's suggestions below as images so we can see them:

Option 1

Option 2