Using the ListEntry Template

The tables in this wiki (see People or Research) are built using the ListEntry Template. Once you know how to use this template, it should be easy to add new entries to the table. The following steps walk you through adding a page for a new research topic and linking it to the main Research page. Please add new entries to the TOP of the table.

Fields in the ListEntry Template

  1. img -- Specifies the location of the image displayed in the entry. This image also serves as a link to the page specified in the url field. The size of this image should be 150 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall.
  2. title -- Specifies the text that appears as the link to the page specified in the url field.
  3. text -- Specifies extra text to appear below the title link text. This is used to list the names of DRIV members contributing to the project.
  4. url -- Specifies the location of the page to link to. This can either be a link to a page outside the wiki, or to another wiki page.

An Example Entry

(:cell :)
(:template Templates.ListEntry img='http::/'
title='An Example Project' text='J. Doe, F. Bar' url='Research/Example' :)

This entry uses a picture located at which should be 150 x 200 pixels. The project is "An Example Project". The url links to a new page that will be created in this wiki.

This would have created a cell within an existing row. To create a new row in the table, replace (:cell :) with (:cellnr :) .

Recap of Steps

  1. Find an image that represents your project and resize it to 150 x 200 pixels. You can use this Matlab function.
  2. Navigate to the Research page and click edit.
  3. Create a new cell in the table using the ListEntry template. If you haven't already created a webpage for this project, use a new wiki page as your url.
  4. Save your edits.
  5. Click on the link to add content to the newly created page for your project.