Prosilica Cameras General Setup Instructions

In order to properly set up the the Prosilica GC 1020 cameras, the best strategy is to begin with the default instructions found at the Prosilica web site and then modify them as needed. It may be the case that following the default instructions will work just fine, but if not, please go over the troubleshooting list of potential problems.


1- The GigEViewer program will not recognize the cameras

After installing the GigEViewer and rebooting, it is possible that it will not immediately recognize the cameras. In that case, after making sure the Gigabit card, Ethernet Hub and cameras are connected and powered up, start the program GigEIPConfig (Start->All Programs->Prosilica->GigEIPConfig). After a couple of seconds, all the connected cameras should appear on the program's list. Now, click on the first camera and then click on the Change button. Select the Auto-IP option (the second one) and click OK. Do the same for the rest of the cameras. Now, restart the GigEViewer and the cameras should be recognized.

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