--- This page is a work in progress and will continue to be updated ---

The DRIV lab contains two JACO 2 arms. Additionally, one arm has fingertip sensors (NumaTac) manufactured by Syntouch.

Documentation for the JACO arms can be found here: JACO2_Documentation.zip Δ (mirror here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3yw9q4mptud4iyq/Kinova_USB_Stick.zip?dl=0)
Documentation for the fingertip sensors can be found here: http://www.syntouchllc.com/Products/Software/
Currently the arms are mounted to an optical table in the DRIV lab. To use them, power on by toggling the switch on the rear of the arm (by the cabling).

For joystick control, hold the home button on the joystick until the arm stops moving and blue lights illuminate on the joystick. See the JACO documentation for more detail.

To use the arms without configuring a new machine, log into the Dell laptop's ROS ubuntu account (password: tomasi).

Launch ROS as follows:
source /catkin_ws/install/setup.bash
roslaunch jaco_driver jaco_arm.launch
This will start the ROS master and several nodes for the arm. Note that currently the arms are configured to only be active 1 at a time.
For more detail, please read this page: https://github.com/Kinovarobotics/jaco-ros/blob/master/README.md