Technical Specs

  • Frame rate: 210 fps
  • Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Monochrome
  • Lens: C mount
  • Data transfer: Active Silicon Phoenix frame grabber (PHX-D24CL)


The driver software for this camera is already installed on Vision Lab PC 2. However, if you need to install it on a different computer, follow the instructions in quickstart.pdf (located in C:\Program Files\Phoenix\Win32\Apps4.08\Help\Manuals) until you finish step #2. Now, install the driver for the Phoenix communication port using phxser.inf (located in the same directory as phx.inf from step #2). Continue following the quickstart instruction from step #3. After configuring the camera, turn off the display to achieve high frame rates of 200 fps.

How to Use

The GUI application to capture images with the camera is called Active Silicon PhoenixCapture. When you open the program, right click on the Camera 1 window to open the camera configuration window. Under "Configuration File", click Select File to load the configuration file for the camera. This file is called Imperx_IPX_210-L_Mono.pcf and should be located on the Desktop for all users of the computer. If you are installing from scratch, the file should be located in C:\Program Files\Phoenix\Win32\Apps4.08\PCF\Imperx\. Click Configure.

Click on the Sequence tab at the top of the window to change the number of frames stored in the buffer. You can capture this many frames and then later save them to disk. Clicking on the Live button will start capturing images and storing them in the buffer. If you reach the end of the buffer, it wraps around, overwriting the original images stored. Clicking Freeze or Abort will allow you to save the current contents of the buffer. Clicking Single Shot will start capturing at the beginning of the buffer and stop capturing when the buffer is filled.