How to Access CyberGlove3:

  1. Enter the Serial Port Redirector. Within the application, click "Add New Port."
  2. Under "Add New Port," select "Connection Type: Server" and click "Advanced." Under the advanced settings, in the Protocol tab, select "Raw Data" and uncheck all of the options underneath. Under the Connection Settings tab, select "Accept incoming connection even if... " and select "Cache Data." Under the Settings tab, select "Use fixed baud rate" and enter 115200 and check off "Use fixed line control."
  3. Turn on the glove. The small light on the glove should flash green after a moment.
  4. Open the Device Manager application.
  5. Open the Device Configuration Utility application. If it does not initially open, you must run the application as administrator.
  6. Within the Device Configuration Utility, select "Add Device" and enter in "RightGlove." Then select "Re-connect."
  7. Within My Computer, go to C/Program Files/CyberGlove Systems/Virtual Hand SDK/demos/CyberGlove/GetGloveDataTest/GetGloveDataTest.Project. This program will record the data from the glove into a csv file.